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Struggle with Organization, Time Management, Details?

Learn how we can work together 
to achieve your business goals!
* New clients only
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SAVE TIME:  Work smarter by delegating operational and administrative tasks. Partnering with a seasoned business professional will enable you to maximize efficiencyincrease revenue, grow your business, and have less stress!
SAVE MONEY:  Delegating various operations and administrative tasks to one source will minimize the number of people you have to deal with, thereby minimizing outsourcing costs! Let me wear all the hats so you can focus on the activities that will make you more productive!
REDUCE STRESS:  Having more time to spend on things that are crucial to running and growing your business, or on things that are important to you, like having more time to spend with your friends and family, will reduce your stress and give you a better quality of life!
Tied to your business 24/7?

Working in your business, not on your business?

Spending too much time on busy work when you could be doing activities that will increase revenue?

So consumed in your work that you’re neglecting your personal and family life?

Isn't it time you started to manage your time more wisely?
Your business started with a dream, YOUR dream.

You took the plunge, you jumped in with both feet. You hoped to see your ideas take shape. 
But running a business takes a lot more than talent and vision. 
Sometimes, the dream can get lost in the details. 

Admitting you need help doesn't mean you're losing control of your business.

Back Office Solutions partners with you to ensure your business runs professionally.

We wear the hats that allow you to focus on creative and revenue generating activities!

For our reasonable monthly or hourly fee you'll save yourself time, money and stress.

And more importantly, you'll be free to generate needed revenue, develop better clients and cement existing relationships. 

No job is too big or too small for Back Office Solutions.
Our services include, but are not limited to:
Business Operations:

- Order processing
- Customer service
- Bookkeeping (using QuickBooks; 
   including Bank and Credit Card
  account reconciliation, Accounts
  Receivable, Accounts Payable,
  Invoicing,  Credit Memos, Purchase
  Orders, Inventory, Financial Reports )
- Purchasing 
- Consulting
- Logistics
- International business (Import &  
- Letter of Credit
- and more

- Editing/Proofreading
- Business writing (letters, emails, 
- Internet research
- Organizing
- Contact/Database Management
- Building and updating basic websites
- Sending out blogs and e-newsletters
- Business Forms creation (Purchase
  (Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos,  
  Packing Lists, Letterhead)
- and more
Services are tailored to your business --- we make it work for you!
Task management services that will free-up your 
time so you can focus on building your business.
         Time is Money.              Delegate tasks --->
  maximize your productivity.